CIP 27 We’re Back

We're back after a long hiatus. In this episode I talk about losing my friend/creative partner Chris Reilly. I update you on everything Im working on this summer and upcoming shows.

In this episode, my friend Scott Slonaker and I discuss growing up in the midwest, deaths at Ohio theme parks, serial killers, the midwest work ethic and Unitarianism! and Neeekronomicon? 

 Bumper music by Jesse Cunningham.

In this podcast, Jon Ascher and I continue our discussion of A Nightmare on Elm Street, the validity of A New Nightmare as Cannon, Freddy Vs Jason and the remake. Also; RIP Richard Matheson. Bummer.

Part 1 of Jon Ascher and I riffing on the Nightmare on Elm Street Series.


Eyeball Dragster Fan Art from CarmenThis show I go to the Peculiarium and talk to Lisa Freeman about this museum of the weird, art gallery and ice cream parlor


Derek Koch Monster Kid Radio

Scott Beale Laughing Squid

Cosmic Monkey Comics

Bridge City Comics

Decapitated Dan Tales from the Water Cooler

Aaron Duran and Geek in the City

Joe Nolan Coincidence Control Network.

Brynn Baron Infinite Issues Kickstarter

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brynn Baron, a talented actress from my favorite movie of all time "The Monster Squad".

Brynn Baron IMDB page

OVER THE LINE: Ltd Art Gallery Seattle, WA


Tales of Hot Rod Horror 1 & 2

I just got back from Seattle Crypticon. I had the pleasure of talking to Kelly Young, Toby Wayne, George Leon , Walking Dead's Vincent Ward, Birdemic star Withney Moore, Men in Suits director Frank WoodwardFred "The Hammer" Williamson", Nick "The Hat" Gucker, and Alan Bennett. There were many other great folks I didn't get time for. But I will be back next year! RIP Crypticon 2013...

In this episode, "Gilligan's Island" theories are explored. Is it Hell? Purgatory? All in Gilligan's head?


Naked Time

In this episode, I interview the gatekeeper of Portland pop culture Kaebel Hashitani, the curator and owner at Sequential Art Gallery, the show-runner at Stumptown Comics Fest.

In this episode, Liz interviews me. We talk about crazy dreams, defining success, and upcoming projects and shows.

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